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Crystal Lee Owens
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey! My name is Crystal, and I'm twenty-four. I live in Colorado with my ducks, chickens, cats and a lovely dog named Dali. My partner Jordan and I are having a baby girl at the end of January! I love Pokemon, monsters and I have a passion for creating worlds. I also love fashion, nail art and makeup. Have a lovely day!

On a side note, my designs are not public. Please do not use them without my permission. I am looking for friendly Pokemon roleplayers to join my forum and actually get to use the concepts I design alongside official Pokemon. If you are interested in even a short roleplay with any of my fakemon, please let me know!


Ozwilde Sprite by pokemonviolet
Ozwilde Sprite
#??? Ozwilde
The Escape Pokemon
Type: Dark
Abilities: Prankster / Moxie / (Intimidate)
Pokedex: This Pokemon is known for being notoriously difficult to capture. They only live in the most remote places. Old stories tell of a time when Ozwilde would tempt naughty children to run away, stealing them forever from their homes. These stories are unclear whether the Pokemon would eat the child or simply turn it into another Ozwilde. Mothers unwilling to take a chance often warn of this trickster.
Ex. Dex: They are powerful hunters despite their friendly appearance. Each speaks with a roaring voice, with the loudest and most boastful ruling the others.
Does Not Evolve.

For the Pokemon Cobalt Roleplay only!
Cobalt Pokedex by pokemonviolet
Cobalt Pokedex
Of course, still a WIP. Ft. Swepeep, Amouritiel, Corubi, Mortubis, Pouki, Jaiki, Coveto, Covagass, Requimark, Pahwee, Hocallo!
Update Jan. 15: Added Fresheed and Augrassr!
Update Jan. 15.2: Added Tinkot and Lurchot!
Update Jan. 16: Added Posqueek and Vermax!
Update Jan. 20: Added Vipent and Snectrix!
Update Feb. 3: Added Duwolf and Ozwilde!
For the Pokemon Cobalt Roleplay.
Can you guys help with some feedback for my roleplay? I'm constructing an 'official' Pokedex of Pokemon that appear naturally throughout the journey. There will also be a smaller Pokedex of custom Eserran Pokemon, but that is coming a little later. I have the following questions:

A. The total number of Pokemon... is enough? Too much? Does it suit the region? What is a good amount in your eyes?
'Official' Eserran Pokedex
Pokemon Cobalt: Eserran Map by pokemonviolet

B. The Habitat List: Where should each Pokemon live? What Pokemon live in multiple places? Does my list make sense?
Eserran Habitat List

C. Do you enjoy the types? Which Pokemon should come earlier in the Journey, and which should come later? Is there something obvious that ought to be added?

D. Is there anything else you thought of when you looked at the roleplay? It's not complete, so I'm super interested in suggestions/comments.

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